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How-To Make Yards and Yards of Bias Tape

by Carol Carvalho

how to make bias tape

Fabric cut on the bias has more stretch than fabric cut on the straight of grain. For this reason, bias tape easily fits around corners and curves.

To make yards and yards of continuous bias tape, lay out fabric and cut off one end at a 45-degree angle. Sew this cut piece to the other end. See Diagram #1.

how to make bias tape

On the reverse side of the fabric, mark off the desired bias tape width parallel to the 45 degree edge. (Diagram #1 shows five strips but mark as many as your fabric will allow.)

Place the two lengthwise edges right sides together and offset both ends the desired width of the finished tape. For example, for 1-1/4” tape, offset piece #1 and #5 (shown in Diagram #2) 1-1/4”. Sew a 1/4 ” seam along the length of the fabric creating a spiraled piece of fabric.

how to make bias tape

Cut along the marked lines in the spiral starting at the line between #1 and #2 and continue to the end.

To figure how much bias tape you will get out of a piece of fabric:
(1) Measure your piece of fabric that you are going to be cutting your bias strips from.
(2) Now multiply the measurement of the fabric by itself to get the squares inches of the area.
(3) Then divide the squares inches by the desired width of the bias strip.

For Example :
Square = 12”
So 12 x 12 = 144 square inches
Bias Tape Width = 2”
Therefore, 144 / 2 = 72 ” of 2" wide bias strips from a 12" square.

Bias Tape Quick Reference Chart for 1 yard (.95 m) of fabric (approximation)
fabric width
strip width
(3.2 cm)
strip width
(4.5 cm)
strip width
(5.7 cm)
strip width
(7 cm)
strip width
(9.5 cm)
( 90 cm)

23 yds
( 21.85 m)

15 yds
(14.3 m)
12 yds
(11.4 m)
10 yds
(9.5 m)
8 yds
(7.6 m)
(114 cm)
30 yds
(28.5 m)
21-1/2 yds
(20.4 m)
16 yds
(15.2 m)
14 yds
(13.3 m)
10 yds
(9.5 m)
(137 cm)
37 yds
(35.2 m)
26 yds
(24.7 m)
20 yds
(19 m)
16-1/2 yds
15.7 m)
12 yds
(11.4 m)
(152 cm)
40 yds
(38 m)
29 yds
(27.6 m)
22-1/2 yds
(21.4 m)
19 yds
(18 m)
14 yds
(13.3 m)

how to make bias tape

 copyright © MCMXCVII, C.W. Carvalho. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This material is not for sale or reproductions
without the written consent of the author. Do not copy or post to another web site.




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